Price Forecasts

We prepare crude oil, natural gas and natural gas products, price forecasts for use in the marketplace, based on a detailed review of the most current commodity price and market information available. Data used in the forecasting of prices is compiled from government sources, industry publications and Canadian and international oil refiners.

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October 1, 2022
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The pricing forecasts presented are based on information obtained from various sources including government agencies, industry publications, oil refiners and natural gas marketers and this information has been accepted from these sources as represented without any detailed review. The forecasts generated are based on an informed interpretation of the available data and while these forecasts are considered reasonable as of the date of the pricing schedule, there is a high degree of uncertainty associated with any commodity forecasting and users of this information should recognize that future revisions to the forecasts could be significant based on market fluctuations. McDaniel generally updates the forecasts on a quarterly basis.

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