Reserves & Resources

For more than six decades, McDaniel has specialized in delivering third-party reserve reports and certifications. Our dedicated team of skilled engineers and geologists has assessed assets across nearly every producing basin globally. We leverage this extensive experience, merging it with a comprehensive understanding of the various resource classification systems. McDaniel's third-party reserve reports have earned global recognition, being esteemed by investors and financial institutions for their exceptional quality, consistency, and reliability.

Energy Advisory

In addition to being a leader in petroleum evaluations around the world, we provide consulting and research products in acquisitions and divestitures, carbon emissions technology, and machine learning. Our team has executed hundreds of advisory projects around the world and helped close billions of dollars' worth of transactions. McDaniel Energy Advisory provides services related to acquisitions and divestitures, major capital project decisions, and government regulations and policy in the Oil & Gas and Energy space. 

International Division

McDaniel’s world-class international team has substantial expertise in the nuances of international properties with over 1000+ evaluations conducted outside of North America.

The team’s impressive track record spanning over 70 years in leveraging global oil and gas data, are at the fingertips of our domain experts which results in industry-leading insights, deriving client value.

Carbon Advisory

At McDaniel, we're not just global leaders in petroleum evaluations; we're your go-to experts in the dynamic realm of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and emissions monitoring and management.

McDaniel Carbon Advisory provides research and consulting related to feasibility studies, due diligence, market analysis, project management and regulations in the CCS space.

“With us, conquering the intricacies of CCS is effortless. Let's redefine your journey in emissions management together." 

Research & Data

McDaniel actively collaborates with its sister company, Turing Analytics, which houses the McDaniel Research Department. This partnership enables McDaniel to leverage advanced research and data initiatives. The McDaniel Research team specializes in ingesting and meticulous quality-control of public data, ensuring completeness, accuracy, and reliability. The team gathers and combines data from numerous public and third-party sources into powerful models that offer unparalleled insights into the complex world of upstream oil and gas.

All of McDaniel’s basin-wide models with pore-level detail are seamlessly integrated into the industry-leading data visualization software, empowering McDaniel’s analysis and external decision-makers and with actionable upstream intelligence.