Reserves and Resources

McDaniel has been in the business of providing third party reserve reports and certifications for over 60 years. Our team of professional engineers and geologists have evaluated assets in nearly every producing basin in the world and combine that knowledge and expertise with a detailed understanding of the various resource classification systems. McDaniel third party reserve reports are well known around the world and regarded by investors and financial institutions for their quality, consistency and reliability.

  • SPE-PRMS, SEC and COGEH/NI 51-101 compliant evaluations and audits
  • Competent Person Reports (CPR)


McDaniel leverages its experience and ability to quickly evaluate upstream supply fundamentals to help potential investors and acquirers through the scoping, due diligence and evaluation process. Our team has executed hundreds of advisory projects around the world and helped close billions of dollars worth of transactions. We pride ourselves on fully integrating with our client's corporate development team and becoming a key component of the workflow to arrive at a deal.

  • Scoping level and detailed due diligence evaluations at the corporate or asset level
  • Play and area research, inventory and supply cost evaluations in support of midstream and infrastructure transactions
  • Government studies of basin and resource play potential
  • Prospect evaluation in support of bids for government licenses and development rights

Asset Development Optimization

McDaniel provides consulting support to exploration and production clients focused on helping to optimize development of their assets. In unconventional reservoirs in particular completion design choices made by the operator have a material impact on a given development's performance and the capital cost required to develop the asset. McDaniel relies on our detailed experience in resource plays as well as a best-in-class data set and machine learning techniques to seek out the relationships between well design and value.

Research and Data

McDaniel’s Research and Data team specializes in the ingestion and meticulous quality-control of public data, ensuring completeness, accuracy, and reliability. We gather and combine data from numerous public and third-party sources into powerful models that offer unparalleled insights into the complex world of upstream oil and gas. Those models include reliable resource play well lists, hand-picked individual-well producing forecasts, structure and reservoir parameter maps, and much more. All of our basin-wide models with pore-level detail are seamlessly integrated into our industry-leading data visualization software, empowering McDaniel’s analysis and external decision-makers with actionable upstream intelligence.

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

McDaniel has over fifty years of experience working in the conventional reservoir realm of carbon dioxide sequestration. Reservoir engineering and petroleum geology fundamentals are the foundation for success as the energy industry moves into a new chapter. Whether it is deep saline aquifers or enhanced oil recovery using carbon dioxide, the basin wide knowledge and asset level experience McDaniel has gained makes us a leader in the field. Three dimensional geological models created by experts enable enhanced oil recovery simulation and carbon dioxide plume modelling. In house analytical tools created by McDaniel enable analysis of water and carbon dioxide injection, voidage replacement ratios and recovery factors.