Value the Details

Our goal has always been single-minded – to provide true value. We find value in the details. Our dedication to every fine point that makes for technical innovation, intuitive expertise and excellence in service with a collaborative approach, makes all the difference. For over 60 years we have established a trusted name that brings us to the forefront of evaluating and advising in reserves in the oil and gas industry. We are proud of our bold, unique vision of the future; one that does not compromise on everything that counts.

That is our value, and our values.

The McDaniel Difference

We operate at the highest level of data utilization, technology, expertise, and service to provide exceptional and unique value. When it comes to distinction in oil and gas evaluation and consulting, there are many details to consider, but only one McDaniel.

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The Legacy Continues

Since Rod McDaniel established the company, our primary business continues to be the evaluation of oil and gas reserves and resources for third party certification and M&A deal support. Development optimization of complex multivariate unconventional plays has evolved into another critical aspect of our business with our next generation of databases and analytical tools. Our experience spans over 75 countries and includes most of the important hydrocarbon basins around the world. Our history has shaped who we are and how we see the world — our future expands that vision to a whole new world of amazing possibilities.

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McDaniel Commodity Price Forecasts

We prepare crude oil, natural gas and natural gas products, price forecasts for use in the marketplace, based on a detailed review of the most current commodity price and market information available.