The Expertise and Service

Our response to your needs is without delay and we are committed to interaction with you to a level never experienced before. The cost associated with our services is all-encompassing and is part of our commitment to you.

Our Commitment
For us each individual difference becomes part of a bigger difference. It is the concert of all the details, with the right connection and attention, that makes McDaniel unique. That is the underpinning of our approach — one of incomparable depth and breadth.

We know that data without details and technology is not enough.

Our approach combines big data and analytics with the fundamentals that can only come from distinguished reservoir engineers and geoscientists. This unique approach is a combination of domain expertise, data analytics utilizing technology and an impressive data set.

The Technology

Proprietary Software
Key to our difference is our proprietary software whose development is guided by our staff with exclusive domain expertise. The result is equally exclusive precision. Leading our expertise in technology is one of our own authorities, a recognized industry leader in data science. In fact, some of our counterparts utilize technology developed by our expert, but as part of McDaniel, he is constantly evolving the tools and technology beyond what is available to others.

EVA is an analytics platform developed by McDaniel specifically for oil and gas, and powered by McDaniel Research, to enable industry to uncover insights at a depth and speed not previously seen. Combining user’s confidential internal data, their licensed third-party public data, and McDaniel Research interpreted data, all in one easy-to-use, cloud-based platform, EVA allows operators, investors, and advisors to quickly derive insights that matter. EVA offers pre-built engineered features specifically for industry including proprietary well density and pad geometry analytics, detailed 3D geo models of major resource plays, and built-in tools to make generating impactful presentations fast and easy. Data quality control and derivative insights by McDaniel Research puts 1000s of hours of trusted research and interpretation at industry’s fingertips. Find out more about EVA.

RITA Our other proprietary software is the Resource Inventory Tracking Agent, “RITA”, With RITA McDaniel professionals are able to easily track and forecast well locations in three dimensions as well calculate recovery factors at the click of a button. RITA brings a new level of sophistication to oil and gas volumetrics while also improving our workflow efficiency.

Machine Learning Machine Learning has become essential to the operation of many leading oil & gas companies. This critical system has become indispensable to gather and examine large volumes of information and translate the data into actionable insights. Machine Learning gives McDaniel the ability to use more of our data, understand how our data features interact with each other, and consider their effects simultaneously. The biggest downfall of solely data-driven models is that they are bound from the data they learn from and cannot make strong extrapolative predictions. We incorporate additional engineering and geoscience expertise into our Machine Learning models by adding interpreted and engineered features with confirmed predictive power.

The Data

In some plays, the difference between a strong model and a failed model is the last 10% of a dataset. Everyone employs data to achieve valuations. Nobody curates these details the way McDaniel does.

Public Data While we collect public data, as do others, our domain expertise allows us to know specifically what to glean from it to populate our proprietary McDaniel Database. Our database encompasses more detail and the right details to feed into our technology.

Play Data Whether or not you are our client you can be sure we are evaluating your wells. Without the ability to understand the entire resource play one cannot have the most accurate understanding of the play as a whole.

Curated Data Where others use technology to "scrape" and “auto-forecast” our professional and support staff manually update our interpretations of the data on an ongoing basis — that is the value of curated data. Our McDaniel Database is a one-of-a-kind approach utilizing production, completion and geology data that simply cannot be replicated by others.

As Peter Norvig, an eminent Director of Research at Google, has said,

“More data beats clever algorithms, but better data beats more data.

We bring a stringent level of quality control for any data that is brought into our database as the preparation of data is imperative to the accuracy of valuation.

The Experience

Value the Play
McDaniel approaches resource plays with a depth and breadth not found elsewhere. There are others that perform detailed local studies and others yet that have broad databases but no one else that evaluates the entirety of a play at this level of detail. We believe that this approach is paramount as you can't understand without the details nor can you ignore the bigger picture.

In North America, we maintain detailed engineering evaluations and geological models on 100% of all wells in the Montney, Duvernay, Viking, Cardium, ND Bakken and SAGD plays among others. In the Montney and Duvernay specifically, our clients operate over 50% and 90% of current production respectively.

Global Reach
In global plays we ensure that our service is beyond reproach. McDaniel has experience in 75 countries spanning the globe and representing the most prominent global hydrocarbon basins. With approximately 60 experts including 30 professionals dedicated to oil and gas reserve evaluation and studies, we are uniquely positioned to provide in-depth analysis and a higher level of collaboration.

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