Reserves evaluation chart

McDaniel & Associates is recognized as a leader in the field of reserves evaluation and provides a range of services in this area including:

  • NI 51-101, SPE-PRMS and SEC compliant third party reserves reports
  • External audits and reviews of reserves
  • Energy pricing analysis and forecasting
  • Competent person’s reports


Resource assessment picture

McDaniel & Associates has developed extensive experience in resource evaluations:

  • COGEH and PRMS compliant Contingent and Prospective resource reports
  • Regional studies of upstream supply potential for mid-stream and downstream decision making
  • Exploration prospect and portfolio assessments
  • Basin and regional studies for hydrocarbon potential
  • Geophysical reviews and interpretation auditing


Advisory Services

McDaniel & Associates is very active advising acquirers and joint venture investors in oil and gas resource plays. We have developed a process and workflow which enables us to provide quick and accurate technical/economic evaluation, advice and support. Examples include:

  • "Ground-Up" detailed geological, engineering and cash flow modelling
  • High-level quick turnaround review and opinion
  • Public data only evaluation of a potential target
  • Scoping level study of multiple targets for high grading


Geological studies

McDaniel & Associates provides geological and geophysical services for domestic and international projects, including:

  • Interpretations and mapping of conventional and unconventional reservoirs
  • Reservoir characterization and Petrophysical studies
  • Unproven acreage appraisals
  • Exploration prospect and portfolio evaluation
  • Geophysical reviews and interpretation auditing
  • Basin and regional studies for hydrocarbon potential


Technical studies

The main focus of McDaniel & Associates’ expertise is in the area of geological studies, reserves evaluation and resource assessments. We also have extensive technical experience in the following areas:

  • Reservoir simulation
  • Material balance studies
  • Enhanced recovery analysis
  • Production test analysis


Judicial expertise image

McDaniel & Associates’ wealth of expertise in all aspects of oil and gas evaluation is frequently called upon by legal representatives and organizations to provide "expert witness" testimony for the following:

  • Provincial and federal regulators and authorities
  • Securities commissions
  • Litigation support